Stem Cells – The Building Blocks of the Body

Christian Drapeau – Adult Stem Cells Are The Building Blocks of our Body

Christian DrapeauThis is the story of how our adult stem cells repair us, renew us, rejuvenate us and keep us in a state of optimal welbeing. They are like magical transforming building blocks.

Our tissues consist of things like muscles, bones, cartilage, organs like our heart, lungs, pancreas and liver, as well as our nerves and brain. When you were born most of these tissues were much smaller than they are in you now.

Q: What made your tissues and organs grow bigger as you grew from newborn baby to adult?

A: Your own adult stem cells.

Q: When you broke your arm or your leg or cut yourself in the kitchen, what repaired the damage in your body?

Ans: Your own adult stem cells repaired bones, muscles, skin and nerves.

Q: When you became sick with a viral or bacterial infection how did your body fight it?

A: Your own adult stem cells became the various kinds of white blood cells (T, B and NK cells) and went to battle for you.

Q: Why do we age?

A: Because, over time, we release less Adult Stem Cells than we did when we were young and so our tissues decline faster than they renew.

Q: Can we speed up the rate of cellular renewal and replacement naturally?

A: Yes! One way is by consuming Stem Cell Nutrition.

Adult Stem Cells Replace Aged, Diseased or Damaged Cells in our Body

Adult Stem Cells travel to damaged tissues in our bodies and become cells of those tissues to repair them – they work like building blocks in the body. It’s like a magic brick that can become anything in a house. What if we have a brick that will make the foundation, the wall, the side walk, the garage, the storage unit? What if I have a brick here that if I have a problem with the side walk, I just put it there and it becomes the side walk? Or I put it in the foundation, it becomes the foundation. I have a problem in the garage, I put it in the garage wall, it becomes the garage wall. I break a window I just put it in the window, the brick becomes a window. Wouldn’t it sound a bit like fiction?

We would laugh at this whole concept and yet that is exactly what we have with stem cells. We have a stem cell that leaves the bone marrow goes into tissue and becomes cells of that tissue. It is of such a magnitude that I think often times we don’t fully grasp here what it is that science has discovered. The Importance of this discovery is so great that it was actually linked to the 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Ageing vs Rejuvenation

Now, there’s an easy way to summarise in a very simple message. Think of health as a balance between 2 phenomenons in the body.

On the one hand, we have degeneration; let’s call it ageing, slow breaking down of tissue. On the other hand, we have regeneration, which is what your stem cells are doing. To a large extent, your overall health will be determined by the rates at which each of these take place. If the rate of your cellular ageing is faster than the rate of your cellular renewal, then you experience un-wellness. If you are able to renew cells in your tissues faster than they wear out, then you will experience wellbeing and health.

Cells die every day. It’s totally natural process. In a well-functioning body, stem cells replace them every day.

The rates at which you age and renew will determine your overall welbeing.

So, if you have more stem cells in your body, your body will renew and repair faster, and you will enjoy greater health. Stem cells don’t kill anything, or cure anything, they simply promote rebuilding so that your health improves and you experience wellness.

Christian Drapeau – Cracking the Stem Cell Code

Christian Drapeau – Cracking the Stem Cell CodeAre Adult Stem Cells the Prescription for Ultimate Health?

When Christian Drapeau first posited that Adult Stem Cells were the very foundation of the body’s natural healing system, scientific study in the field was in its infancy. His hypothesis that Adult Stem Cells, created in the bone marrow, flowed to any tissue or organ needing regeneration and transformed into healthy cells of that tissue, was initially ridiculed by medical science.

However, recent studies and a Nobel Prize winning discovery affirm Christian’s position. Now, it has gained not just momentum but widespread acceptance in scientific circles. Study after study reveal that Adult Stem Cells hold phenomenal promise in all areas of human wellness.

Cracking the Stem Cell Code

In ‘Cracking the Stem Cell Code’, author and scientist Christian Drapeau demystifies the most important scientific breakthrough of our times. He reveals the far-reaching potential of adult stem cells in human health and wellness. Christian explains the stem cell phenomenon in the reader-friendly manner that made his prior book, The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal, a major hit with tens of thousands of eager readers.

Adult Stem Cells hold the promise of miraculous wellness – Cracking the Stem Cell Code explains how.

For more scientific research “Cracking the Stem Cell Code” is available through Amazon.

Christian Drapeau – The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal

Christian Drapeau – The Stem Cell Theory of RenewalStem Cells simply promote rebuilding so that your health improves and you experience wellness.

Are the functions of Adult Stem Cells really the most dramatic scientific breakthrough of our times? Visionary stem cell scientist and stem cell nutrition expert Christian Drapeau says ‘Absolutely Yes!’.  He explains the science and implications behind the body’s natural renewal system.

Adult Stem Cells in your bone marrow constitute the natural healing system of your body. Wherever there is an injury or damage to any organ, stem cells are released from the bone marrow. They migrate to that organ and become healthy cells of that organ, literally repairing the damaged tissue.

The implications of new developments in Adult Stem Cell science for health and wellness are mind boggling.

Natural Plant Ingredients That Support Synergistic Stem Cell Release

  • AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aqua) – a naturally occurring blue/green algae from the pristine Lake Klamath in Oregon that has been documented to stimulate the migration of adult stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream.
    Read more about AFA
  • Undaria Pinnatifida – a marine algae from pristine ocean environments around the world which is known to support the immune system and has been documented to support a long-lasting increase in the number of circulating stem cells;
    Read more about Undaria Pinnatifida

Which is better – EMBRYONIC or ADULT Stem Cells?

Which is better - EMBRYONIC or ADULT Stem Cells?Embryonic stem cells have been in the news since 1998 when stem cells obtained from human embryo were first successfully grown in vitro. Embryonic stem cells were shown to have the ability of becoming virtually any cell type of the body. This achievement inspired many promises and raised questions like;

  • Could injections of Embryonic stem cells lead to improvements in various degenerative diseases?
  • Would it be possible to grow organs in vitro for the purpose of transplant?
  • Could we manipulate the genetic material of embryonic stem cells in order to repair faulty genes in an organ?


Embryonic Stem Cells were fuelling much hope but research with them became faced serious ethical considerations because the source of human ESC is human embryos.


The idea of growing human embryos with the intent of dismembering them after a week or so in order to grow ESC is obviously fraught with ethical concerns. Secondly and more worrisome is the fact that culturing human Embryonic Stem Cells could open the door to human cloning in order to grow actual organs.

Poor therapeutic outcomes from Embryonic Stem Cells

Aside from these ethical issues, the main issue is, that in spite of all the promises of Embryonic Stem Cell research, nearly 10 years of research have delivered little in terms of successful and safe Embryonic Stem Cell therapies.

Better Alternative: ADULT stem cells.

But, while much of the world focused on developments in ESC research another breakthrough discovery was being made by numerous scientific teams throughout the world. Adult Stem Cells (ASC), the stem cells present in the body after birth, were also shown to have the ability to become virtually any cell type of the body.

Enormous Potential of Adult Stem Cells

Adult Stem Cells placed on brain, liver or muscle tissue will rapidly become brain, liver and muscle cells. At first, because Adult Stem Cells are difficult to grow in vitro (in the laboratory), many believed that they had little potential.  A series of in vivo (in the living body) studies rapidly established that Adult Stem Cells have enormous potential in the body.

Christian Drapeau and Gitte Jensen then published the hypothesis; “Adult stem cells, having the ability to become any cell type of the body, constitute the natural renewal system of the body”.

Early Studies with Adult Stem Cells

Studies using various novel scientific tools like Green Fluorescent Protein, which allows visual tracking of stem cells in the body even after they have become other tissues, showed that when an organ is challenged it causes the release of compounds know to trigger stem cells release from the bone marrow. The organ then releases other compounds known to attract stem cells, and the released stem cells travel to that organ. As they reach the organ in need, the stem cells migrate in the organ, proliferate and become cells of that organ, promoting tissue renewal.

This process takes place every day of our lives and constitutes the natural innate renewal system of the body. As stem cells travel in the body, they participate to maintaining optimal health throughout the body.