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Recent scientific studies show that bone marrow-derived adult stem cells travel through the body to renew and repair organs and tissues. Stem Cell Nutrition supports this process, safely, easily, and inexpensively. Read on to learn more!

Adult Stem Cells are the Master Cells of Your Body

Stem cells are “master cells” which have the ability to replace any sick, damaged or worn out cells. They can become virtually any type of cell in your body – heart cells, liver cells, pancreatic cells, muscle cells, brain cells….. even the cells in the eyes, the joints and more.

Your adult Stem Cells are your natural renewal and repair system. They leave from your bone marrow, travel throughout your body to repair and renew all your body’s tissues.

Your own Bone Marrow Stem Cells can become virtually any tissue in the body

Many scientific studies indicate that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health. The New England Journal of Medicine even reported that the number one indicator of a healthy heart is the number of stem cells circulating in the body.

Stem cell nutrition supports the release, delivery and targeting of adult stem cells. StemEnhance® Ultra, PlasmaFlo® and CyActiv® make up the synergistic core of the stem cell nutrition concept.

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What is Stem Cell Nutrition?

Stem cell nutrition is the organic, all-natural way to support bone marrow to release adult stem cells into the bloodstream. Stem cell nutrition is the consumption of plant-based nutritional supplements shown to support the release, targeting, delivery and proliferation of your body’s own adult stem cells.

Now, after years of quality research, it is as simple as consuming one or more nutritious dietary supplements daily.

Why do we need Stem Cell Nutrition?

Over our life the number of stem cells in our bone marrow typically remains constant at around 150 million. These stem cells divide asymmetrically, meaning an exact copy is made. The original remains in the bone marrow, while the copy moves into the bloodstream, BUT over time our bone marrow becomes more 'sticky' to stem cells and this means that less of our stem cells are released in response to our body's requests for help.

When less renewal and repair is taking place in our body we experience the symptoms of aging, of degenerative illnesses and have less ability to do the things we love.

How do Stem Cells help us?

This will be a simplified explanation of what stem cells do for us.

Every minute of every day millions of our cells are becoming less effective as they age, are affected by disease, or become damaged by trauma or environmental conditions. This means our body, or rather the tissues in our body, do not function optimally any longer. If our tissues do not work as they are meant to, we experience less enjoyment in life, and we can suffer more discomfort and inconvenience.

When cells become old, sick or damaged they send out a signal that effectively says "help me!" In response, our stem cells which stay in our bone marrow copy themselves and send the copy out into the bloodstream. The tissue in need now sends out a locator signal that becomes stronger the closer the stem cell gets to the source. Stem Cells follow this signal as it gets stronger and when they are very close to the tissue in need they leave the bloodstream and enter the tissue in need to replace the old, sick or damaged tissue cells. One stem cell can duplicate many times to create many copies of itself and each time they replicate they become more and more like the tissue they have settled in until they are unrecognisable from healthy, fully functioning tissue cells.

If this repair and renewal happens at a fast enough rate our sense of wellbeing is restored an so is our enjoyment of life. Stem Cell Nutrition is an easy, inexpensive, effective way to restore our natural sense of vitality and wellbeing. Adult stem cells are the body’s natural repair system.Helping these cells improves our overall health and enjoyment of life. Increasing the number these cells, and removing conditions that reduce their efficiency helps resolve many health conditions.

Now, after years of quality research, supporting your natural renewal and repair system is as simple as consuming nutritious dietary supplements.

Stem Cell Nutrition is Simple, Effective and Inexpensive

Don’t let the simplicity of this concept fool you – the benefits can be extremely powerful! There is nothing magical or mysterious about how stem cell nutrition works. It helps adult stem cells find, repair, and regenerate damaged tissues. safely, naturally, renewing your body day by day.

The our unique approach focuses on supporting 5 processes in your body to create a real synergy in the repair and renewal process. They are: improved signalling, reduced inflammatory 'noise', improved delivery in the bloodstream, release of more of your own Adult Stem Cells and improved homing and migration of stem cells into tissues in need.

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How Does Stem Cell Nutrition Work?

Basically, if you give your body the resources it needs it will put them to work for your wellbeing. Stem Cell Nutrition is rich in many nutritional resources.

Stem cell nutrition supports the natural role of adult stem cells 5 ways:-

  1. Stem cell nutrition supports improved signalling from tissues in need,
  2. Stem cell nutrition calms systemic inflammation so that your stem cells can target tissues that really need repair,
  3. Stem cell nutrition improves delivery of stem cells, oxygen and nutrients to tissues throughout the body,
  4. Stem cell nutrition supports the release of increased numbers of your own adult stem cells to repair renew your organs, muscles and other tissues throughout your body.
  5. Stem cell nutrition supports the homing and migration of your stem cells to tissues in need.

This latest formulation of stem cell nutrition triggers a 25-40% increase in the numbers of stem cells released. For the average person, that’s around 6 to 10 million extra stem cells released into the bloodstream within an hour of consuming the capsules.

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On a more technical note;

StemEnhance ULTRA is made up of three ingredients StemEnhance® , Fucoidan and Mesenkine.

  1. StemEnhance® is made from wild-harvested Aphanizomenon flos-Aquae (AFA) which has been dried and concentrated using a proprietary, patented process at low temperatures to protect its vitality and potency. StemEnhance® was shown to increase the number of both CD34+ adult stem cells and Endothelial Progenitor Cells immediately after consumption.
  2. Fucoidan is extracted from a brown seaweed called Undaria Pinnatifida. If you have ever eaten a delicious japanese Wakame seaweed salad you will have eaten this seaweed. Fucoidan was documented to increase the number of circulating adult stem cells over time.
  3. Mesenkine® is a unique extract from Spirulina isolated through Cerule patented extraction process, Mesenkine® supports the release and homing of stem cells by balancing key messengers and receptors involved in stem cell release and migration.This novel ingredient Mesenkine® was documented to increase the blood concentration of G-CSF and trigger the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow and the migration of adult stem cells into tissues in need.
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Consequences of a Low Stem Cell Count

  1. Older people

As time passes our bone marrow release less and less stem cells. Over time the bone marrow becomes more ‘sticky’ to stem cells and as a result, less are released into the bloodstream. When less stem cells are in circulation the body The rate of renewal and regeneration slows down and cells ceas functioning optimally faster than they are replaced.

When there are less stem cells in circulation our body cannot repair damaged, aged or diseased tissues at the same rate as before. This can lead to ageing, poorer health, greater discomfort and less enjoyment of life.

A quick scan of CDC literature on aging related topics reveals that people who are aging can experience, but are not limited to, conditions such as

  1. memory loss, Alzheimer's, dementia, anxiety and depression
  2. loss of flexibility, movement and balance, speed and reflexes and increased risk and consequences of falls, joint issues particularly hips, knees and ankles.
  3. chronic inflammatory conditions like heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes.
  4. loss of vision, eyesight tunnel vision, glaucoma,
  5. loss of other senses taste, smell, hearing, skin sensitivity.
  6. loss of hair and greying of hair.
  7. kidney disease, liver disease, digestive problems
  8. cancers
  9. breathing disorders including COPD, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia
  10. lowered immune response, being more prone to infections, being more strongly affected by a illness, being ill for longer and suffering ongoing complications.
  11. loss of control of bladder or bowel
  12. Loss of libido, vitality, virility and suffering erectile disfunction.
  13. loss of muscle mass, loss of strength.
  14. bone degeneration, stooping, easier breaks and fractures, longer healing times.
  15. crepey and sagging skin, wrinkling, ulceration
  16. metabolic disorders
  17. regulation of blood pressure, temperature, heart rate recovery
  18. poor circulation, cold feet and fingers, dizziness

and many more.

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Stem Cells and your Immunity

With lower numbers of stem cell circulating, our body has a poorer immune response, is more prone to injury, and experience age-related health challenges. This also explains why it takes longer for older people to recover from injury and disease.

How does this work?

There are many protective and healing systems in the body. Some of them are so simple we barely consider them, for example an enzyme found in our tear ducts, saliva and airways can break down the walls of bacteria. Our stomach acid kills many pathogens that come in by food. Our skin and mucous membranes are a barrier to entry that is assisted by microbiome that consists of bacteria, viruses and fungi. We even need to consider the muscles used to power the cough and sneeze reflex which can help remove pathogens from our system.

Next, we get the elements like the tonsils, the thymus, the bowel and colon, the lymphatic system, the spleen and our lymphatic system. We must not forget the importance of white blood cells or the delivery system for oxygen, nutrients and stem cells… our cardiovascular system.

All of these organs and tissues in our body are made up of cells. Cells which get old, diseased, or damaged and fail to function optimally. Since your adult stem cells can become ANY tissue in the body, replace any cell in the body, they are a powerful support to renew and regenerate all of the organs and tissues of our immune system.

If our body is lacking enough stem cells to facilitate the renewal and repair of these systems then the systems fail to provide an effective response to pathogens.

Stem cell nutrients support the release of your stem cells to restore and maintain optimal organ and tissue function in your body Low numbers of Adult Stem Cells results in a less effective immune response to disease, infection and inflammation.

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No Embryonic Stem Cells in our Products

Stem cell nutrition has nothing to do with the highly controversial topic of embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are stem cells that exist in an embryo before birth. After birth, we have ADULT STEM CELLS (even in children). The possibility exists for embryonic stem cells to cause abnormal cell growth. Research to date shows this does not happen with adult stem cells.

There are NO Embryonic Stem Cells in our products.

There are NO Stem Cells in our products.

Our products help your body to release more of your own Adult Stem Cells

Properties of Adult Stem Cells.

There are four main properties of that define an adult stem cell:

  1. Adult Stem cells can divide and renew many times retaining their potency
  2. Adult Stem cells are unspecialised which means they are not already specific tissue cells
  3. Adult Stem cells can become specialised tissue cell when they are in that tissue.
  4. Adult Stem cells remain quiescent until needed

Is there Science to support the concept of Stem Cell Nutrition?

YES! there is plenty!

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Click the image above to download a copy of the summary of research done on the original StemEnhance Triple-Blind Clinical Study.

For more scientific research please visit

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Skeptics of stem cell nutrition insisted it worked by “placebo effect” until researchers actually conducted a peer-reviewed, published, triple-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised, cross-over clinical study. Half the participants were given stem cell nutrition, while the others got dummy pills. Researchers drew blood from each patient before and after they consumed the product. ‘Blind’ Flow Cytometry and data analyses were performed. The results were unmistakable.

Nothing happened to those who took the placebo. Those who took the product boosted their circulating stem cells dramatically, by 25 to 30 percent in just 60 minutes. That was with our first formulation, we have continually improved the recipe and the newer versions are considerably more potent.

If your body needs more resources than another you can consume more. Many people who need big changes in their wellbeing consume 12 or more capsules of StemEnhance® Ultra a day spread across the day until they have achieved their goal and then they reduce that to a maintenance consumption pattern.

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Achieve Optimum Wellbeing With Stem Cell Nutrition

We help people to live better, longer. Stem Cell Nutrition is the best anti-aging system ever known and is now as simple as a daily supplement in capsule form. It is easy to buy and not expensive and it is conveniently delivered right to your door.

Every person who wants to enjoy optimal health, improved performance, and fitness can now consume Stem Cell Nutrition daily. It is particularly helpful for elite athletes, anyone with health challenges, or simply those who wish to maintain excellent health.

The Stem Cell Theory of Renewal is the greatest health discovery of our time.Christian Drapeau MSc,Christian Drapeau in the article “Stem Cells – the Building Blocks of the Body” describes how stem cells travel to old, damaged or diseased tissues and become fresh healthy new cells of those tissues to repair them. Your own adult stem cells work like magical building blocks in your body.

Christian wonders: “what if there was a brick that could fix a problem with the sidewalk, the foundation, a broken window etc. Wouldn’t we laugh at this concept?.. yet that is exactly what we have with stem cells”.

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The point of using dummy text for your paragraph is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters. making it look like readable English.

The point of using dummy text for your paragraph is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters. making it look like readable English.

The point of using dummy text for your paragraph is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters. making it look like readable English.

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What To Order

StemEnhance® Ultra

Ultimate nutrition to support the natural release of your own adult stem cells.


Balance and calm whole body inflammation.


Supports optimal blood flow & capillary health

Cyactiv Joint

Supports and nourishes cartilage, joints, muscles & connective tissue for increased comfort & quality of life 

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The following ingredients support synergistic stem cell release:AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aqua) – from the pristine Lake Klamath and scientifically documented to stimulate the migration of adult stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream.

Undaria Pinnatifida are marine algae which are known to support both the immune system a long-lasting increase in the number of circulating stem cells.

Benefits of Stem Cell Nutrition

Anti-Aging and Adult Stem CellsAdult stem cells play vital role in both health and disease. Scientific anti-aging research shows adult stem cell release rates drop at an astonishing rate.

The Circulation System and Adult Stem CellsIn order for stem cells to migrate into the tissues, it is essential that the micro blood vessels are open and free flowing. When there are excess free radicals in our blood from oxidative stress, fibrin threads appear in the blood, inhibiting the ability of stem cells to migrate into tissues. Read about an all natural stem cell flow enhancer that digests fibrin; reduces oxidative stress and helps detoxify the body.Your circulation of blood plays a very important role in your health as it transports adult stem cells etc.READ MORE

ArthritisArthritis is painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints and part of the body’s response as a protective mechanism to remove damaged cells, irritants and infection from an area to start a healing process. Adult stem cells can be very beneficial in the prevention and management of arthritis.READ MORE

The Benefits of Stem Cell Science to your HealthThe US National Institute of Health state that there are at least 74 diseases treatable with adult stem cells. When stem cell nutrition is used as a daily supplement over time, the stimulation of billions of additional stem cells in the blood stream could be one of the safest and most efficient methods for maintaining optimal health that science has yet discovered.

Animals and Stem Cell NutritionWhen there is an injury or a stress to an organ of your beloved pet or horse, compounds are released that reach the bone marrow and trigger the release of stem cells. As they do in humans, adult stem cells reside in animal’s bone marrow, where they are released whenever there is a problem somewhere in the body. Find out how you can help your best friend enjoy optimal health. Various conditions in animals are helped by stem cell nutrition.READ MORE

Lynn Peck has been a Veterinarian for 19 years and for 11 years she has been learning, practising and doing research in alternative therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, bodywork and nutrition. She found that the various treatments brought some improvement, but the healing seemed to accelerate when she introduced stem cell nutrition.READ MORE

Dogs and Cats benefit from stem cell nutrition too.Here are over 15 testimonials here of how the health of people’s beloved pets has been transformed through stem cell nutrition.READ MORE

Stem Cell Nutrition for HorsesEve-Marie Lucerne, a long time breeder and trainer of thoroughbred horses has been involved in holistic health care for many years. One of her horses was diagnosed at three years old with equine fibromyalgia and suffered with great pain and tiredness. Within 2-3 days she witnessed dramatic results on stem cell nutrition.Equine Stem Cell Nutrition has some lovely stories by professional horse trainers, a rider and Farrier.READ MORE

Just think of all the potential benefits of releasing more stem cells into your bloodstream – the ramifications are astounding. The power of adult stem cells to support the body’s natural renewal system is poised to become one of the breakthrough discoveries of our time.

Can stem cells cause cancer?One concern some people have is that stem cells cause cancer to start or to spread faster. amongst stem cells embryonic stem cells have been linked with cancer growth, NOT adult stem cells. Cancer is induced by mutations that remove the normal checks and balances to cell proliferation that is normally found in a cell.

A normal bone marrow derived stem cell cannot cause or contribute to cancer any more than any other normal proliferating cell anywhere in the body. Stem cells are not being introduced into the body. Their release is simply being triggered from the bone marrow. This has been occurring since you were born and is responsible for the renewal and repair of tissues in our body.

Anti-Tumor Properties of Stem Cell NutritionStem cell nutrition has a number of anti-tumor mechanisms including phycocyanin, which has been shown to have anti-tumour properties.

Phycocyanin from AFA is a natural, water-soluble and non-toxic molecule is shown to have potent anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, proapoptotic (programmed cell death-inducing), and antioxidant properties shown in many in vitro and in vivo studies.Stem cell nutrition also stimulates the creation of natural killer cells; immune system cells that help our bodies get rid of infected and abnormally proliferating (cancerous) cells.

Your Skin and Stem Cell NutritionIn healthy individuals, skin youthfulness is maintained by epidermal stem cells which self-renew and generate daughter cells that become new skin. Therefore, part of skin ageing is caused by impaired adult stem cell mobilisation from the bone marrow and the reduced number of adult stem cells able to respond to repair signals. This means that, if we increase the number of circulating adult stem cells, we can affect the epidermal stem cells.

Your skin’s response to an increase in circulating adult stem cellsThe most evident visual response in people’s facial skin a few weeks after taking stem cell nutrition is that – it glows. People notice a smoothness and improvement in colour of their skin. Skin may also show improvements in age-related and hormonal pigmentation, decreased bruising and increased elasticity and tone.

Stem Cells and Their Promise for Medicine:Arguably the most exciting, promising and controversial medical research being performed today explores the potential of stem cells, unique cells that, when dividing, can produce either more cells like themselves or other specialised cells, such as heart cells, skin cells and neurons. Stem cells research is bringing the promise of regenerative medicine and miracle cures for such conditions as multiple sclerosis, blindness, heart damage and male pattern baldness.

Blood Stem cells:25 Trillion blood cells exist in the blood and every second 2 million blood cells die and are replaced. Researchers found that mice with defective bone marrow (damaged by radiation) could be restored by transplants of marrow stem cells injected directly into the blood. The bone marrow transplant, in essence restored the bone marrow stem cells to functional and normal status.

Stem cell nutrition products restore the availability of your own adult stem cellsWhat could be simpler! Enable the body to release its own adult stem cells, then enjoy the amazing benefits that can result from feeling vital and renewed, whilst enjoying optimum health, fitness and performance

You pay Health Insurance to cover your Hospital Expenses in case you are hospitalised.Wouldn’t it be even better if you could avoid hospitalisation through optimum health, performance and fitness?Your body produces Adult Stem Cells in the Bone Marrow. These adult stem cells which are the Master Cells have the ability to become virtually any type of cell in the body.

Recent studies have found that adult stem cells can become cells of your heart, liver, pancreas, muscles, brain, eye, the joints and more.

Results of many scientific studies indicate that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to achieve and maintain optimum health.Without adult stem cells, your body’s natural renewal process simply could not take place and death would soon follow.

Growing old, physical, emotional, and environmental stress, and poor diet, pollution, smoking, excessive drinking, and drugs all take their toll on your body’s ability to renew itself.Now there is a natural dietary supplement that when consumed, helps to increase the number of circulating Adult Stem Cells in the body by 3 to 4 million (30%) within an hour of ingestion.Adult Stem Cells… Your Natural Renewal System

This exciting information was discovered so recently that most people, even many doctors, don’t know about it yet! In essence here’s what happens when a need develops in your body:In essence here’s what happens when a need develops in your body:The tissue or organ in need sends chemical messages into the bloodstreamThese chemical messages prompt the release of stem cells from the bone marrowA second set of chemical messages sent by the tissue in need attracts the circulating stem cells to migrate to the tissuein the tissue, they proliferate and transform themselves into healthy cells of that tissue!

Be Proactive With Your Health!If you want to be proactive and maintain optimum health, or fight the effects of ageing, injury and day-to-day wear and tear, a daily increase in the release of your own Stem Cells into the bloodstream can produce considerable health benefits.

When stem cell nutrition is used as a daily supplement over time, the stimulation of billions of additional Stem Cells in the blood stream could be one of the safest and most efficient methods for maintaining optimum health, that science has yet discovered.

Are Adult Stem Cells the best anti-ageing system ever discovered?Knowing what Adult Stem Cells do to the human body, it makes sense to have more of them in the bloodstream. This will have profound effects on your health, well-being, and help fight the effects of ageing.

ADULT STEM CELLS ……YOUR KEY TO OPTIMAL HEALTHDo you remember being a teenager and dancing all night?Do you remember partying all night or playing sport all day?How would you like some of that fun, energy and vitality back?Maybe you just need more Stem Cells in your Body!!Give your body a Stem cell boost now.Email me to find out how!!

Stem Cell Nutrition Home Business Opportunity For YouThe Stem Cell Nutrition Products Home Business.According to the US Department of Labor, there are approximately 38 million home-based businesses in the US. Some 300,000 women start home-based businesses every year. Entrepreneur magazine estimates that $427 billion is generated each year by home based businesses. A Money magazine survey found that 20% of home businesses had a yearly gross income of $100,000 to $500,000.

Why now is a great time to start a Stem Cell Nutrition Home BusinessFrustration is building over the medical system’s failure to address our daily health concerns. There is a demand for more natural methods of maintaining health without side effects. This, in part, is driving the tremendous growth of stem cell nutrition.

The power of the product.Having carved out a new product category, these products are without competition. Consider these points of interest:High demand productrepeat purchaseautomated systemsNo competitionSatisfaction guaranteedBrand new, ground floor opportunityIIncome Potential

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With the latest technologies employed by the company, distributors can focus on building their businesses.

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