All horses have stem cells, they use them every day to repair and maintain their wellbeing every day. Stem cell nutrtion for horses assists with this process..Horses benefit from Stem Cell nutrition
Horses benefit from Stem Cell Nutrition – image copyrights Moyan Brenn

Stem Cell Nutrition for Horses

AFA Blue-Green Algae-based stem cell nutrition for horses is the safe, gentle, natural way to help your horse recover from injury or exercise, rejuvenate and perform better.

Older horses

Eve-Marie Lucerne keeps nine horses, “all older thoroughbreds,” and was eager to participate in the trials of a new stem cell nutrition for horses. She shares the products with large commercial thoroughbred farms, veterinarians and other “horse people”.

Eva-Marie is pleased with the consistently excellent results she has seen and that others have reported to her.

“This product will help so many animals,” she says, adding, “People and animals are more alike than we are different. It makes sense that a stem cell enhancer for animals will promote their health, too.”

Eve-Marie’s pet product trials show dramatic results. “For several horses facing serious physical challenges, cases where the animals might have to be put down, we saw a return to quality of life. This did not happen before stem cell nutrition.”

Compare Stem Cell Nutrition vs Stem Cell Injections

Stem cell injections for horses

Adult Stem Cell injections are a popular choice in utilizing the body’s regenerative powers to repair itself. Over the last decade, there have been significant advances in treating horses for various injuries and conditions with ASC injections, including, but not limited to, fractures, bowed ten- dons, torn ligaments and osteoarthritis. Stem Cell Nutrition is also proving to be highly effective with many conditions

There are essentially two injection methods which use the horse’s own ASCs, one using bone marrow and the other using fat tissue samples. Both these procedures are costly, but can improve the horse’s recovery time.

In the procedure using the horse’s own bone marrow, a needle is used to harvest bone marrow from the sternum. Then only the processed and prepared adult stem cells are injected into the injured tendon, ligament or trouble area.

Another common method is taking fat from the base of the horse’s tail. They fat is then taken to a lab where the stem cells are separated out. These are then re-injected into the injured area to facilitate the recovery process. This procedure is costly and time-consuming.

The above procedures are considered medical procedures and should be conducted by a licensed, specialized professional. Each benefits the targeted area and therefore may require several treatments for effective results.

Stem Cell Nutrition for Horses

The benefits of stem cell nutrition products like StemEnhance Ultra to humans is clear. What many people don’t know is that Stem Cell nutrition is just as effective on animals including horses too. The entire suite of stem cell nutrition products can be fed to horses to;

  • support the increased release of the horse’s own naturally-repairing stem cells, (StemEnhance Ultra)
  • improve the transportation  of oxygen, nutrients and stem cells to the tissues in need, (PlasmaFlo®)
  • calming and balancing the inflammatory response so the affected tissues are treated with the necessary priority (Cyactiv™).

Stem cell nutrition provides many benefits over stem cell extraction and re-injections for horses. Stem cell nutrition, on the other hand, is quick, easy, safe, natural, and effective and benefits the whole horse, not just the injured part.



Easily administered in food Complex procedure
No anesthesia Local anesthesia required
You can do this yourself. Not a medical procedure/treatment (is non-invasive) Specialist or DVM required
Kind, gentle and natural May distress or cause additional pain to the Horse
Nutritional support so bone marrow can release more stem cells
Invasive medical procedure or treatment. Extraction of adult stem cells from horse’s bone marrow or fat tissues, processed and then re-injected.
Stem cells released within 30-60 minutes
Typically several days from extraction to re-insertion
Fed daily as long as needed Many treatments usually needed
Nutritionally supportive, made of natural ingredients Not nutritionally supportive
Supports circulating stem cells which help the whole immune and repair system Treats localized area only (not the whole immune system)
Cost effective plus added benefits to overall health of horse Costly procedure – approx $1,000 to $3,000 (Circa 2010) per treatment

Recommended Serving sizes of Stem Cell Nutrition for Horses.

A rough guide to how many capsules of StemEnhance Ultra needed is determined by the weight of the horse –

StemEnhance Ultra dose x Horse weight

StemEnhance Ultra – Minimum effective dosage by weight

  • Less than 800 lbs / 360 kg – 4 capsules once per day
  • 800 – 1200 lbs / 360 – 545 kg – 8 capsules once per day
  • More than 1200 lbs / 545 kg – 12 capsules once per day

Mix the contents of the capsules into their oil, or some molasses before mixing it with their feed.

In serious conditions, your horse can consume more as needed. StemEnhance Ultra is non-toxic. You may feed it every 4 hours for the most benefit. Stem cells in circulation start to get re-absorbed by the bone marrow if they are not used in a reasonable amount of time.

Amazing Results for a Seriously Injured Horse Using  Stem Cell Nutrition.

Do you want to see photo evidence of Stem Cell nutrition’s amazing effectiveness for horses?
GRAPHIC IMAGES WARNING! Do not open if you are sensitive

Button - amazing horse recovery using stem cell Nutrition

Quick Results

Eve-Marie says that this turn-around was quick, less than two weeks in many cases, and that the subject horses were back to health and enjoying pasture life within a month. One of the unofficial trial subjects for stem cell nutrition was a 30-year old donkey who was in “bad shape,” Eve-Marie reports. “He had chronic respiratory difficulty and could move about only haltingly”. His owner had stem cell nutrition supplements to help with her own serious health challenges and shared it with the donkey. The donkey’s owner says “this is the first time she wasn’t sick and is walking all around, feeling great an enjoying life again!”

Farrier and National Hoof practitioner Stephen Dick received some of the trial product from Eve-Marie, and had good results with the two horses he selected for trial.

  • For a 12-year-old quarter horse stallion, stem cell nutrition brought dramatic results. “This horse used to lie down twenty-two hours of the day, because he suffered discomfort whenever he stood,” Steve reports, continuing, “after a couple of weeks with stem cell nutrition, he was getting up and moving around, showing no discomfort.”
  • For a high-spirited mare with a leg problem, stem cell nutrition brought about a whole new lease on life, Steve says. “This horse had been in a stall for 8 months. After about 6 weeks taking the Stem Cell Nutrition with her grain, her condition had improved and she was out of the stall, walking around in the pasture again.”

Is Your Horse Bleeding After a Run?

“My name is Cori, I have been riding barrel horses for 20 years. I have seen many equine products that claim many things, but failed to produce results.

“Recently I was introduced to stem cell nutrition. My 12-year-old gelding, JCS Choice, is a bleeder, but after 3 weeks of using stem cell nutrition, he no longer bleeds! Stem cell nutrition has also improved his overall health, giving him more energy and power. I am very excited about the results!”

Gastric Ulcers

Hi my name is Lydia Culp and I ride a great mare named Roll The Stone, this mare has taken me to many 1D wins and she has more heart than any horse I have ever had the chance to ride. Because of her having so much heart and so much love for her job she was still running for me when she had Gastric Ulcers in her small intestine.

I knew something was up when she was just not herself, she was just standing around and not wanting to fire as hard as she was, but she still gave it her all in the amount of Gastric pain she was in, and that is when I gave her stem cell nutrition, and in one week she was almost back to herself, and the gastric ulcers where gone. I started her on the product on a Saturday and on the following Sunday I took her to a barrel race and she ran the second-fastest time of the day. WOW! in just one week you can make such a difference in your horse’s health.

Lydia Culp and Roll The Stone

Condition returns to 29-year-old mare

When winter ended here on the ranch, our 29 year old mare which we loved dearly looked very bad. My husband had made a very hard decision to put her down. I knew he was having a hard time with that decision and suggested that we try stem cell nutrition. Her ribs were showing, her hip bones were protruding, she was not shedding like the others, and looked bad. After 6 weeks she has regained weight, coat is slick and shiny, and is hard to distinguish from the other mares, which look great. She is a great example of what stem cell nutrition can do in a very short time. TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT!!

Karen Schneider – Montana

Arthritis and back pain

Stephen Dick is a Certified Farrier, a Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner, Charter member of the AANHCP and formerly a Field Instructor for the AANHCP. He is an expert in the field of Natural Hoof Care and in addition to hundreds of horses in his care, he is devoted to teaching other professionals, as well as owners, how to achieve health and soundness the natural way.

In my occupation as a Farrier, I have worked for twelve years with horses’ feet. I trim hooves, apply steel shoes and serve as a consultant to horse owners, often advising them about the proper diet and care of a horse. My job requires very strenuous activity on my part because I have to bend over and hold the horses’ hoof while trimming or nailing on a horseshoe.

When I shoe many horses in a day, it takes a big toll on my body. Consequently, I have developed arthritis which has gotten worse over the years. My knuckles became big and swollen. When people shook my hand I used to hope they would not squeeze too hard, because if they did, I would be crippled the rest of the day. A client introduced me to stem cell nutrition.

After four months, my hands no longer hurt, and my back pain was greatly diminished. I could easily squeeze the nippers to trim hooves or use a file to shape them. I realized stem cell nutrition was a great benefit.

A Stallion with Laminitis

My clients tend to be more interested in giving stem cell nutrition to their horses than to themselves. A well known trainer had a prize stallion, a black and white paint horse, who had suffered from laminitis for three years. This very debilitating condition involves swelling and inflammation within the hoof tissues that connect the hoof wall to the coffin bone. In severe cases, a horse can die from this. The stallion had a dull, drab coat, as well as sores on his hips and elbows from lying on the ground too much. I offered the owner stem cell nutrition and she put the horse on a high dose. When he began to improve, she became very excited. His coat changed, looking more sleek and shiny. He went from ninety percent lame to only forty percent lame. Over time, he kept getting better. For her, this was an incredible improvement.

The stallion had a dull, drab coat, as well as sores on his hips and elbows from lying on the ground too much. I offered the owner stem cell nutrition and she put the horse on a high dose. When he began to improve, she became very excited. His coat changed, looking more sleek and shiny. He went from ninety percent lame to only forty percent lame. Over time, he kept getting better. For her, this was an incredible improvement.

Labrador with a Cyst

A friend has a Labrador retriever with a cyst on his back leg. The poor dog could not stand on the leg, let alone walk on it, and the owner worried that she might have to put him down. I told her about stem cell nutrition, so she tried it on her dog. A few days later, she called in great excitement to say that he had recovered so much that he had jumped out of her car instead of waiting for her to carry him out and set him on the ground. She could hardly believe the dog was putting weight on his afflicted leg. We agreed that stem cell nutrition is phenomenal. I share stem cell nutrition with others because I know it is very important for the recovery of a variety of health issues.

Equine Fibromyalgia

Eve-Marie Lucerne. I’m a long time breeder and licensed trainer of thoroughbred horses. I have also been involved in holistic health care for many years. One of my horses was diagnosed at three years old with equine fibromyalgia syndrome, which is similar to human fibromyalgia. She suffered with great pain and tiredness. Sensitivity to touch is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and she reacted to even a gentle touch as though she were being hit by a sledgehammer. When anyone put a saddle on her and tried to ride, her pain was obviously unbearable. I started putting stem cell nutrition in her grain, and within two to three days, I witnessed dramatic results. Suddenly, I could touch her anywhere without a problem. She also displayed much more energy and was playful with her companions.

I am very pleased with stem cell nutrition. It delivered much more than I expected.

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