Oxidative Stress and your Telomeres

Live Better Longer By Lengthening Your Telomeres

What does having longer telomeres mean to you?

A Brief Summary of Scientific research into telomeres

  • Longer Telomeres lead to increased life span.
  • Longer Telomeres help you feel younger at any age.
  • Longer telomeres increased immune response.
  • Longer telomeres in immune cells means they fight viruses better.
  • Longer Telomeres means better functioning of your tissues and organs.

Basically having longer Telomeres means you can LIVE BETTER LONGER

The SIMPLE PROCESS to improve your telomere length

  • You daily consume a natural telomerase activator (enquire here)
  • Your telomeres rebuild and become longer
  • Your tissue cells effectively become “younger”
  • Your tissue cells replicate better
  • Your tissues function better
  • You feel younger, move more freely, prevent and fight disease better,
  • You recover from disease and heal wounds faster, and
  • You enjoy a feeling of more optimal well-being.

Read on to find out why…

Telomeres and photocopying

Telomeres and photocopying Have you ever photocopied a page, and then photocopied the photocopy, and then photocopied the copy again? If you keep doing it the copy gets less and less readable until the words become difficult to read.

In a way that is similar to what happens to the tissue cells in our body when they replicate in the tissue. Each time they copy they lose a little bit of their DNA detail and as a result, they lose their ability to function well as liver cells, or lung or heart or whatever kind of cell they are.

Another way you can visualize it is like a shoelace with the little plastic aglets at the ends of each lace (I’ll bet you didn’t know they were called that!) And you know what happens when you lose the aglets on your shoelaces…. the shoelace begin to fray and they become difficult to use. Time for new Shoelaces.

The part of the DNA that gets lost each time a cell duplicates is basically a little snippet from the endcap at the ends of the DNA strands.

These little DNA end caps are called Telomeres and they are vitally important to your health, and you feeling of well-being.

Your Tissues skin, muscles, organs (liver kidney, spleen heart, lung etc), nerves, blood vessels, your brain have a limited capacity to renew and repair locally. Depending on a number of factors cells within a tissue can copy themselves around 50 times before they lose too much of the telomeres to be able to reliably copy again.

When the telomeres are short the tissue cells stop functioning as well, and when enough tissue cells are not functioning well the tissue itself functions less effectively. This is the cause of many of our degenerative diseases.

There are two main causes of telomere shortening;

  • As described above the copy-loss known as “the end replication problem”, and
  • Oxidative stress factors in our tissues caused by poor diet, stress, smoking and alcohol and other toxins (such as herbicides and insecticides) that may be present in our foods and beverages.

Now if we go back to our Photocopy example….. when the photocopy looks so bad that staff complain then somebody will print out a new original and the whole process starts again.

In our body, these “new originals” are our Adult Stem Cells. Adult stem cells are basically cells which can become YOUNG, FRESH, HEALTHY, NEW Tissue cells in our bodies. These new cells have nice long strong telomeres and the original DNA of our bodies.

There are at least 4 possible strategies for improving the function of our tissues.

  • Increase the rate at which tissue cells are replaced with young, fresh, healthy cells by increasing the number of circulating Adult Stem Cells.
  • Help lengthen telomeres by increasing the amount of TELOMERASE which is a naturally occurring enzyme in our body that adds new telomere gene sequences to the ends of telomeres.
  • Prevent or reduce the amount of telomere shortening with each copying of tissue cells.
  • Reduce oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress typically accounts for 2 to 5 times as much telomere shortening as does the end replication problem. One of our products which improves the flow of our blood in the blood is also a potent natural antioxidant which helps reducing oxidative stress and as a consequence, telomere shortening.

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Better renewal of tissues with longer telomeres

Longer telomeres mean that your tissue cells can divide more readily and with less loss of their function…. which means that your body stays functionally younger.

Better Immune response by supporting your telomeres

Longer telomeres mean that your immune cells (T-Cells, B-Cells and NK-Cells) can replicate faster and be more effective which means that your immune response is better. In other words you get over infectious diseases faster and you might not even experience any symptoms because your immune system conquered the threat before you felt anything.

T-Cells are vital for fighting many kinds of viral infections including HIV. A number of studies have shown that longer telomeres and specifically immune cells which have had their telomerase output enhanced with Astragalus Membranaceus (known to Chinese herbalists as Huang Qi) have an enhanced ability to combat viruses.

Longer telomeres help you to age less

Telomeres are believed to act as a cellular clock to regulate human lifespan. They do this by ensuring that when somatic tissue cells divide they do so without duplication error caused by damage to DNA. They do this by protecting the ends of the DNA strands.

Telomerase activates telomere lengthening

Telomerase is the natural enzyme associated with certain cells (e.g. Adult stem cells) in our body which protects telomeres and promotes telomere growth in normal tissue cells too.


How You Can Enjoy The Benefits Of Longer Telomeres

We market several products around the world which address the first approach of increasing the number of circulating Adult Stem Cells and others which are powerful antioxidants which will help slow down telomere shortening.

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