Multiple Sclerosis and Stem Cells

This is a fascinating article about how easy to use and inexpensive Stem Cell nutrition assisted a man who suffered MS for more than 25 years.   Please listen to this testimonial from Marvin who used to be an Eye surgeon until MS prevented him from continuing his work, and more importantly what happened to him after he decided to consume Stem Cell Nutrition.

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Marvin was a Registered Diagnostic Ultrasonographer in Ophthalmology Oncology specialising in diagnosing cancers in the eye and how they affect the body.

Marvin has MS Multiple Sclerosis and has had it for 30 years now. He states he should have died many years ago as a result of his disease. People who have MS lose muscle mass and typically become bedridden and then die. When he got MS many sufferers died within 5 years of diagnosis.

Wheelchair bound with MS

Marvin was wheelchair-bound for 25 years before he started Stem Cell Nutrition. He exercised once a week in the public pool to prevent atrophy and locked joints. Marvin was very diligent in keeping limber because he always hoped that one day there would be a cure. He knew that if he allowed the MS to lock his joints it would be unlikely he would be able to regain use of the limbs later.

He says he should have died years ago but he feels because of StemEnhance he is still alive and kicking.  Stem cells can actually repair things that have already gone bad in the body.


Marvin knows he should not be able to see as well as he can. Less than 5 years ago his vision his best corrected vision was 20/50 but now, since consuming Stem cell nutrition it has improved 20/20.

No Other Medications

He is not taking the medicines his neurologist prescribes him because the side effects were worse for him than having the MS. Marvin now knows that using the StemEnhance™ Ultra, he can be as normal as anybody else because his stem cells are repairing the damage in his body faster than the MS can destroy his cells.

Living a Normal Life Now

Now since taking StemEnhance™ Ultra, Plasmaflo and Cyactiv, he can hike up to 6 miles up and down hills along bush trails. He still needs breaks but he gets there in the end. He is up and walking and to all intents and purposes living a normal life now.

What Marvin Discovered about Adult Stem Cells

Marvin discovered that Stem cells are the building blocks of your entire body. Adult Stem Cells are replacement cells for any tissue in your body including eyes, nerves, brain etc. Aged, damaged, diseased cells send out a chemical signal that attracts stem cells to repair them. Used in conjunction with Plasmaflo and Cyactiv the power of the products are dramatically enhanced.

Better together

The power of the products is dramatically enhanced when StemEnhance Ultra is used in conjunction with Plasmaflo and Cyactiv .

Cyactiv is a gives you an energy boost and calms whole body inflammation. When you consume Cyactiv you feel better when you wake up in the morning. It allows you to get out of your TV chair and get outside and living life more fully again.

How Much Stem Cell Nutrition did Marvin Consume to Help Repair the Damage Caused by his MS?

Marvin consumes a lot of the product because MS is a progressive and very destructive disease. Now he is not dead, not suffering, or slowing down, he is actually getting better every day.

How much did he take to help him with his MS?
2 StemEnhance™ Ultra 4 times a day
1 Plasmaflo 4 times a day
1 Cyactiv 4 times a day

This system supports the release of millions more of his own adult stem cells and allows his body to build new tissue around the tissues damaged by his MS. This renewal allows them to function normally again.

Normally healthy people need to consume less to boost their stem cell renewal to achieve higher levels of well-being.


Stem cell nutrition does not diagnose, treat or cure this, or any condition. Stem cell nutrition supports the release, homing and delivery of more of your own Adult Stem Cells to tissues in need of repair or renewal. Your own adult stem cells do the repair and renewal of those tissues according to your body’s own priority.