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  1. Hi Linda
    A friend just introduced me your Stem Enhance product. After watching a few YouTubes with with Bart Kay and Linda Hoggard, I am tremendously excited.
    Im 68 and have been suffering from the lung disorder COPD for a number of years. I recently had a serious respiratory event which required an ambulance, during which time I apparently had a minor heart attack as well.
    I’m now a fortnight out of hospital, feeling somewhat vulnerable and in a weakened state, and on a regime of meds that address mainly symptoms as according to mainstream medicine there is no cure.
    While I’m grateful for the hospital staff’s efforts and the meds that work well in particular to prevent anxiety attacks whenever my breathing begins to get out-of-hand, I’m really looking for something that can alleviate, of even reverse my condition.
    I am seriously planning to commit myself to at least 12 months of Stem Enhance but need a bit more info.
    What I need to know is how much of a daily dose would be recommended to start on?
    Obviously too little will be ineffective and too much unnecessary. Also as I’m on a pension I don’t have a lot of spare $’s and don’t wish to spend more than I need to.
    I would be grateful for any info/advice you can offer regarding Stem Enhance dosage and long-term chronic conditions.
    I don’t suffer from any other age related disorders, am not overweight, and take great care with my nutrition although exercise is limited due to breathlessness from the COPD.
    Many thanks
    Kind regards
    Trevor Pye

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